How does Alphalign® work?

Dental correction with Alphalign® is the perfect treatment, both medically and aesthetically. Alphalign® gently corrects your teeth with transparent, removable braces – not to be mistaken for the so-called „grinder braces“.

How long does the treatment with Alphalign® take?
The treatment period individually varies – depending on the extent of correction it takes between 6 to maximum 24 months. You can already see the success during the treatment. Your smile becomes visibly brighter.

How comfortable is Alphalign®?
The Alphalign® – braces have a pleasantly smooth surface. After fixing, you will have a slight feeling of pressure that will disappear after a short while. It shows that your teeth are moved into the required position. Compared to metal braces, Alphalign® is pleasantly warm and perfectly adapts to your teeth.

Does my pronunciation change?
Your pronunciation sounds as clear as ever before. Already after a short while, your tongue will get used to the Alphalign® – braces. .

What do I have to observe during the meals?
Before eating you simply take out the braces with one grip of your hand. As they are transparent, taking–out is almost invisible and you will quickly get used to it.

What about cleaning?
Alphalign® – braces are simply to be cleaned with a tooth brush.

Are the braces worn during the night?
Since you spend a third of the day in your bed, the Alphalign® – braces are worn in the night, too – very simple. You will not feel them in any way.

Is Alphalign® suitable for people of all ages?
Alphalign® is suitable for adults as well as for youths.

How much is the Alphalign® treatment??
The costs are comparable with traditional therapies. Depending on the extent, in Germany the costs vary between 2000 and 6000 Euros. Your dentist will be glad to create an individual offer for you. So far, we have always found a solution that makes you smile.

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