Snow chains and metal braces belong to the past!

Do you have any 'snow chains' and 'fences' in your mouth?
It‘s all water under the bridge now! Or better say, 'scrap metal'…
Compare the Alphalign® braces with the old-fashioned brackets or crowns, veneers:

Alphalign® Brackets Crowns and Veneers
Aesthetics: Invisible Visible From satisfactory to good
Eating: Removable Permanent Dental prostheses
Care: Easy Strongly affected Extensive
Wearing Comfort: Hardly to be felt Low Often enlarged or thickened teeth
Substance of Teeth: Healthy Decalcified, can fake off the enamel Healthy tooth substance is ground off
Requires abrasion of dental enamel: No Etching of enamel essential Yes, large–area

Alphalign® outclasses the conventional 'aged metal' and the abrasion of the teeth in all areas.
The bright smile of many, satisfied patients is the best proof.