Smile with us. Here we introduce enthusiastic and happy people to you, who simply smile more brilliantly with the Alphalign® braces

„In the past, I bit on my tongue very often, because of crowding of my teeth. Moreover, one front tooth was not very well-positioned. Thus I have already had the long-time wish to bring my teeth into the perfectly right position. Since I did not want to have any ugly metal braces in my mouth at the age of 21 years, I hesitated for a while. Furthermore, standard removable braces did not seem to be the right choice for me, due to the fact that they would not bring out the required effect completely. When I heard about the invisible braces and the gentle treatment of Alphalign, I was really enthusiastic. The creation of the aligners was done very quickly and my local dentist adjusted them individually for me after every check–up. The following aligners were available after a few days only.. At the very beginning, it took some time to get used to the „Alphaligners” and to adapt the right way of pronunciation. However, this happened relatively quickly. After a short while, the „Alphaligners” were hardly recognizable for my friends (once I was asked, if my teeth had been lacquered). I could already see the success after a very short time – without having had any kind of pain. The finish took a bit longer – However, waiting for the result was really worth it.”

Alina S. Kassel, 2017-02-15